Classical Master's degree programmes

A successful completion of the bachelor’s degree programme qualifies the student for admission at master’s degree programmes at the Academy. The aim of the master’s degree programme is to develop the student’s skills in the creation and practicing of music.

Within classical programmes, students continue to study their principal subject, but may also supplement the studies with one theoretic or management subject, turning the studies into a double-subject program and thus choosing whether to become a practicing musician or music teacher.

Admission rules for master’s degree programmes and information about entry exams may be found under Admission.

Study Programmes

The Academy offers corresponding study programmes both on master’s and bachelor’s level. Read more about study programmes by clicking on the left-side menu.


Page last updated 1st of October 2014

Trombone Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen in the international trombone magazine IPV Printjounal (in german), June 2012.

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