• Song writing lecturer in US

    26th of August 2014 · tags:

    Associate Professor Turid Nørlund Christensen again has been invited by The House Of Songs in Austin, Texas, USA, to co-write with American songwriters and producers and to make solo concerts with her own songs, including at the venue Tom's Tabooley in Austin.

    In July 2010, Nørlund Christensen for the first time was guest at The House Of Songs. Here she created the basis for her latest album "Curtains" (2013), and she made good contacts with local songwriters, which has led to guest visits and workshops at the Academy in Aarhus with songwriters Aimee Bobruk and Danny Malone from the US.

    Round the year The House Of Songs invites songwriters to Austin, primarily from the Scandinavian countries and Canada. In addition to writing songs in collaboration with American songwriters the guests serves as musical ambassadors from their own country. Turid Nørlund Christensen is in Austin until the end of August.

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