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    25th of February 2014 · tags:

    In 2013 Ass. Prof. Christian Vuust for two months moved to the capital of jazz, New York. He practiced in the parks, composed, performed and gained inspiration. At the end he went to a studio with some of his favorite musicians. Monday 3 March Vuust presents the result: "Urban Hymns".

    This new album is a tribute to New York City, which holds its grace and vitality against all odds. The music is characterized by the meeting between an extroverted American jazz approach and a more impressionistic Scandinavian jazz style. It has elements of Nordic folk music, American jazz, classical music, hymns , etc.

    The three American musicians on the record are all world famous names who have played with many of the realy hot shuts: Aaron Parks, piano (with a.o. Terence Blanchard), Ben Street, bass (with a.o. John Scofield ) and Jeff Ballard , drums (with a.o. Ray Charles). Parks also takes part when Vuust goes on a Denmark tour with the new album 13 - 16 March. Urban Hymns is published by Aero Music on both CD and LP and is also available via iTunes and Spotify.

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