• Master project on DVD

    20th of December 2013 · tags:

    In June trombone student Valentin Guérin graduate as a master from the Academy with a video documentation of a spectacular musical show, which he during the past four years has run together with his brother and his mother on trumpet and piano. The show provides a hilarious introduction to the world of classical music. It has been played in several European countries and has been shown on French television.

    The DVD has just been released but was produced in the spring. Valentin Guérin has been responsible for the entire production, from planning to shooting and editing. He has funded all costs through sponsors and crowd funding. The DVD is now available for only 1 Euro. Watch the trailer here - and order a copy at: trombone@valentin-guerin.fr

    Valentin Guérin is from France but has chosen to take his master's degree in Aarhus. Today he is a soloist student at the Academy with Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen.

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