• Professor in major and minor

    1st of October 2013 · tags:

    As a specialist in both music and brain research professor at the Royal Academy of Music Peter Vuust is a widely-used person in the media. Recently because of a new study that demonstrates that popular music from the Billboard-list over the last 50 years increasingly is written in minor keys. In this regard Vuust was guest in the TV program DR2-Dagen 25th September, and he was interviewed in Weekendavisen on 13th September.

    In Weekendavisen Peter Vuust explains the phenomenon by the greater potential for a more complex music in minor keys due to the three different minor scales.

    Vuust, who also plays bass, has recently released a new CD with singer Veronica Mortensen. The CD has just received a nice review on gaffa.dk. Vuust has written the music for all the songs - most of the tunes are in minor!

    Watch the tv-feature here (almost 10 min. into the broadcast).

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