• Song student with new EP

    20th of September 2013 · tags:

    Song Student Camilla Würtz Bredahl has recently released an EP with her band: Rowbird. The music can be heard on both bandcamp.com and Facebook; payment of your own choice and open for comments on FB! The music is according to the band itself inspired by old American Westerns, '60s folk-rock and all sorts of personal travel ...

    Rowbird just played double-concert with Nanna Schannong and has been support for Lars and the Hands of Light and for Jørck. After the double-concert with Schannong a reviewer wrote: "D***, this was cool." And another reviewer wrote: "The singers little mischievous voice catches from the first second."

    The band consists a.o. of members from Get Your Gun and Navneløs. The band's guitarist Andreas Westmark is also a student at the Royal Academy of Music.

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