• New, temporary leader of DIEM

    25th of June 2013 · tags:

    Professor of electronic composition and leader of DIEM (Danish Institute for Electronic Music) Wayne Siegel takes leave from 1 August 2013 to 1 June 2014. During Siegel's leave PhD Morten Riis takes over Wayne Siegel's artistic and administrative duties as head of DIEM.

    Morten Riis will be employed by the Royal Academy of Music in collaboration with Aarhus University. He will divide his time between the two jobs and thus continues on reduced hours in his current position as a researcher at Aarhus University. Riis has recently defended his PhD thesis entitled "Machine Music"; the thesis is the result of a successful collaboration between DJM and AU.

    Riis can be contacted at: riis.morten@gmail.com and by phone: 5194 4609

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