• New book: “Musikleg”

    6th of November 2017 · tags:

    Maria Burgård is a lecturer in children's music at the Academy. Also she is now an author - Thursday, November 9th, she holds a book reception in connection with the launch of "Musical playing - Musical Activities for Day Care".

    The book is a basic book in music and movement for 0-6 year old children and includes more than 25 new and old songs and games, and background on children's development. It is aimed at pedagogues, assistants, and students in the various pedagogue programs. The book can be used without pedagogical assumptions.

    The reception is held in officerssalen at Aarhus Music School, Vester Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus C, entrance C at 4 to 5 pm. Everyone is welcome.

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