• Masterclass with Hardenberger

    27th of September 2017 · tags:

    The Swedish trumpet virtuoso Håkan Hardenberger - "The best trumpetist in the galaxy", cf. The Times - holds a master class for three trumpet students, who have just finished their master's degree at the Academy. Sofie Brems Sørensen, Stephanie Mitchell and Leon Pokerznik finished this summer and now they have the opportunity to play for one of the world's leading trumpeters.

    In addition, the master class is live streamed on Deutsche Welle, the international German broadcasting organization (equivalent to BBC World), which broadcasts worldwide. The master class will be held at Holstebro Music School tomorrow, Thursday, September 28, at 15 to 16.45 and there is free access for all interested parties.

    Saturday the 30th of September the three trumpeters play concert at 15:00 together with flutist Janne Thomsen in Ulfkær Church at Ulfborg. The master class and the concert is part of the pedagogical and educational work around the Classical Days festival, held in Holstebro from 28 September to 1 October.

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