• Student to Japan

    11th of September 2017 · tags:

    Two weeks ago percussion student at the Academy,  Stian Sopp, traveled to Japan to spend his final year at the master's program with one of the world's leading marimba players, Keiko Abe. Through her development of percussion techniques and play with multiple sticks in each hand, she is a very central figure in the development of the concert marimba as a solo instrument. Despite her 80 years, Abe is still active as a professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo.

    Stian Sopp is personally invited to study with Abe after she was made aware of him via contacts in Europe. In 2015 Stian Mop was named International Yamaha Artist, which has given him contact with Japan. In addition, Yamaha helps him with equipment, concerts, etc.

    Sopp has received a number of funds in support of his stay in Japan, including from the Toyota Foundation, the Augustine Foundation and the Oticon Foundation.

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