• Theater performance with headphones

    9th of September 2017 · tags:

    On the surface, the current performance "Human Nature" at Theater Katapult in Aarhus is about a cvouple where two different relationships with nature clashes. Behind is the question of whether we can live our modern life without losing connection to earth - connection to the earth that is the foundation of all life.

    Throughout the performance, the audience wears headphones and experiences a soundtrack that mixes the actors' voices with pre-recorded sound. It gives a very special 3D feeling that draws the audience into the minds of the actors and draws nature into the minds of the audience.

    Candidate in E-music from the Academy Kristian Hverring is a composer of the performance, and the technique is applied research from the Academy. Lecturer and sound engineer Henrik Winther has developed an artificial head with built-in microphones in precise castings of human ears that are used to record the dialog of the theater piece; this gives an incredibly genuine experience of direction and distance assessment. The live recordings are part of the soundtrack and provide a very authentic sound experience.

    The performance will continue until September 29th.

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