• From debut to residence composer

    22nd of June 2017 · tags:

    Composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen made his debut from the Academy May 26th. Now he shall be composer in residence at Aarhus Symphony Orchestra from 2018 to 2021. During this period the orchestra will perform a series of brand new works by Allan Gravgaard, written to this particular orchestra.

    The Danish Arts Foundation's Legate Committee for Music has chosen to support the Aarhus orchestra with money for a new house artist program. The Art Foundation supports the agreement between Gravgaard and the orchestra with DKK 230,000, which goes to the composer's fee. In this connection, the Foundation refers to Allan Gravgaard Madsen's very special flair for writing for symphony orchestras. See the press release (in Danish).

    In 2016, Gravgaard, together with Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð, received 100.000 DKK from the Arts Foundation for their joint work, the symphonic song cycle BEINTA. Here was the motivation that "Beinta is a gripping beautiful and dramatic symphonic quad, liberated by genres and tradition. Orchestration has created a particularly deep perspective with surprising details and the voice fully integrated."

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