• Guided tour in sound installation

    9th of June 2017 · tags:

    Students from the Electronic Sound and Music program at the Academy in Aalborg (ELM) present three place-specific audio installations in the House of Music Tuesday, 13 June between 12.45 and 13.45.

    The installations create new experiences of space and sound in combination with the acoustic properties of the rooms. If you want to be all the way through the installations, you must meet up from the start as some of the rooms are not available for the public.

    The guided tour begins at 12.45 at level 3 in the House of Music in Aalborg. In total, the exhibition and the guided tour last one hour. The three works were created by Mark Steensen Nielsen, Lars Bork Andersen and Mads Schelde Andersen. Visit Facebook event.

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