• Freezing music in 3D

    5th of May 2017 · tags:

    Academy lecturer Christian Windfeld freezes music in 3D sculptures together with his experimental trio Flamingo. From 6 May to 4 June, the trio performs three times a day, six days a week at Kunsthal NORD in Aalborg. Each concert results in one sculpture.

    With so-called MYO bracelets, data from the musician’s movements and muscular tensions is collected and combined with recording of the audience's movement. Through specially developed software, all data is converted into a sculptural form, which is printed in 3D immediately after each concert. There will be 72 live concerts and as many sculptures that will fill the room during the period. In this way, Flamingo creates a number of sculptural representations of their concerts, where the otherwise labile music experience has been encapsulated and frozen. Read more (in Danish).

    Flamingo explores sound, texture and dynamics, both on the edge of what is audible and in compact sound. Flamingo has played in Denmark, the United States and Germany and released their debut album in 2016.

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