• Student playing at brain test

    5th of May 2017 · tags:

    Academy student Steen Lavigna delivers the music when 3 x 100 test persons make themselves available for a scientific experiment at SPOT Festival Saturday afternoon.

    The experiment will document how people experience live music, when they are present in the concert hall. The Center for Music In The Brain (with the Academy as partner) has made a lot of laboratory tests about music listening, but at SPOT Festival, MIC is now able to measure audience responses during three short live concerts. The audience is equipped with a cap with a diode fixed - and must behave exactly as they usually do at a live concert.

    Steen Lavigna has composed the music for the experiment in collaboration with the Center for Music In The Brain, and his own band, the trio Randolph Cricket, shall play for the test persons. You must be registered to participate in the test (and all seats taken).

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