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    17th of March 2017 · tags:

    Dea Marie Kjeldsen studies at the "Rhythmic Musician" program at the Academy and she has many talents; for example she plays percussion on the world's first underwater concert, Aquasonic. Just today, 17 March, she releases her first album in her own name, "Lysvågen“ (wide awake).

    Dea Marie wrote both lyrics and music, which she herself sings and plays, and she has even recorded and mixed the album by herself, primarily in her apartment in Aarhus. A handful of Dea Marie's musical playmates help here and there.

    The musical inspiration comes from African traditional music, from Scandinavian folk music and from contemporary folk/pop artists, especially from the more quirky ballgame. The sound universe is created with acoustic instruments and lots of vocals, which give an overall impression of an honest and unadorned sound.
    More info and samples at Dea's website.

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