• Culmination of development project

    4th of March 2017 · tags:

    Ass. Professor Lasse Laursen has transcribed the French composer Bernard Parmegiani's "Incidences / Résonances" (1975), a classic of electroacoustic music. The transcription is a study of the work itself, but also it is an attempt to find out how electroacoustic music can be "translated" into acoustic music and can be played by acoustic instruments.

    In connection with "Festival of the Century" Lasse Laursen presents the results of his work at a Lecture Concert Tuesday 7 March at 7.30 pm in the Chamber Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus, where Aarhus Sinfonietta will play examples from Laursens transcription. Read more (in Danish).

    Lasse Laursens transcription of Parmegiani from electronic to acoustic music is the artistic / performative culmination of an artistic development project that he worked on for 1½ years: "Instrumentation methods in sound oriented composition”. Read more about the project here (in Danish). Artistic and pedagogical development projects are an important knowledge base for the teaching at the Academy.

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