• Prof. Steenstrup in WA

    21st of January 2017 · tags:

    January 20 the weekly newspaper Weekendavisen had a great interview with trumpet professor Kristian Steenstrup on the occasion of his new book "Blow Your Mind". The article tells about the comprehensive understanding of the brain and in physiology behind the book and behind Steenstrups teaching. "It is unique in brass playing that the tone is generated by a piece of meat that is under control of the nervous system" Steenstrup says in the article. And also he points out how important it is how much and how to do practice.

    Steenstrups insight is mainly based on the legendary brass teacher and former tuba player in Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Arnold Jacobs (1915-1998), with whom Steenstrup has studied. Chicago Symphony Orchestra just played two concerts in Aalborg, and in this connection Steenstrup organized a master class with the orchestra's solo trumpet player.

    Weekendavisen is online for subscribers.

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