• RAMA composer at 2017 opening music

    20th of January 2017 · tags:

    Composer Student Loïc Destremau has arranged and is responsible for the choreography and staging of an orchestral work, originally written by young music school students. The work will be performed today, Friday, as prelude to the children's and family performance "Flaskepost", which is one of the opening events of Culture Capital 2017. The performance and the prelude will be repeated Saturday, and the music will further be performed at a closed event for EU politicians later in the afternoon Saturday. The piece serves as introduction for the entire performance and will surprise the audience, while it accompanies each audience to their seats.

    In 2015 Destremau was supervisor for a group of young music students at the SPOR Festival’s New Music School, where music school students together composed a piece for chamber ensemble. The team behind "Flaskepost" commissioned Destremau to rearrange the original piece for orchestra as well as adding choreography, which he did at a workshop in September with three of the young music school students. Destremau has served as arranger, supervisor, choreographer and stage manager.

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