• New partnership with VIA

    12th of October 2016 · tags:

    For the first time students from a music academy and from school teacher and pedagogue educations are training together to teach children in music. A new partnership between VIA University College Aarhus and the Academy offers a six-week module at the graduate programs with joint teaching and practice. The goal is to elevate the teaching of music in schools and children’s institutions.

    The first round was held in September. It brought together a total of 21 students from the Academy and from teacher and pedagogue programs at VIA. In small groups they should conduct music lessons for children aged 3-12 years, some in a kindergarten, others in a school. Here they taught for two weeks, after which the students presented their experiences to fellow students and teachers from both institutions.

    An academy student said afterward that he felt that "it gives authority to know his shit." But also he was challenged by the fact that the school children were not in school only for music's sake; he has gained greater respect for the teaching profession. Conversely a teacher student tells she found it easier to teach a 1st class in music when a student from the academy sat at the piano and played 'what-so-ever' was needed.

    VIA and the Academy   just has applied for approval of a master's degree in music education. The goal is to offer music teachers from primary schools, music schools, colleges, schools etc. an opportunity to improve their skills.

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