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    11th of October 2016 · tags:

    The anniversary concert in Aarhus Friday night for Aarhus Young Composers Society, AUT, was greatly influenced by the Academy: 20 students played with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, student Lasse D. Hansen got premiered his work "Stemning; Applaus "and lecturer Simon Steen-Andersen had a Danish first performance of his award-winning piano concerto. The entire concert was curated by soloist student Allan Gravgaard Madsen.

    The concert received very good reviews in the press. Politiken's reviewer gives 6 hearts and writes: "A new generation of young Danish composers uses brain and humor in addition to interactivity, new technology and everything they have learned from the old masters, to twist the tradition; and new experiences occurs."

    Jyllands-Posten gives 5 stars, and the reviewer writes: "The playing with the conventional framework for a symphonic concert is very refreshing. More of that!" Aarhus Stiftstidende also gives five stars (see review here), and the former JP reviewer is also thrilled at his blog, jcKlassisk.dk.

    The concert was broadcast live on DR P2 and can be streamed here.

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