• RAMA at SPOT festival in Mali

    7th of October 2016 · tags:

    For the fourth time the Academy participates as facilitator at the "SPOT on Mali" Festival in Bamako, Mali, which every year reaches a higher level of quality. The festival will be held today, Friday October 7, and tomorrow Saturday October 8. Several students, assistant principal Keld Hosbond and Camilla Dayyani, coordinator of international academy network GLOMUS, these days are in Mali in connection with the festival.

    SPOT on Mali is built upon the idea of the SPOT festival in Aarhus. The festival in Mali has managed to put spot on a number of upcoming Malian musicians who now has been given a broad platform, and several of these musicians have started an international career. SPOT on Mali is part of the official Danish cultural program in Mali.

    The Danish students will play at the festival along with Malian musicians and Malian music students. Over the years the Academy has helped to build up the music education on academy-level in Bamako.

    Read more about SPOT on Mali.

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