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    28th of September 2016 · tags:

    "TEDx-talks" is a web-distributed lecture series with researchers, being viewed online by millions of people worldwide. In academic circles TEDx is considered a really good and respected way of presenting research and researchers. For the first time TEDx-talks will be held in Aarhus, on Saturday October 1, at Hermans in Tivoli Friheden. Read more.

    Among the selected "speakers" is Niels Christian Hansen, who in April completed his PhD at the Academy and at Center for Music in the Brain. He will talk about his PhD thesis, in which he demonstrates that musical skills is not only an innate characteristic but is primarily a matter of training and specialization. It is a great tribute both to Niels Chr. Hansen and to the Academy / MiB that he is selected as a "speaker" at the first TEDx in Aarhus; it is very rare that music theory gets attention in the media.

    Niels Chr. Hansen is not unfamiliar with attention of his research. By the PhD-defense, there was considerable media attention, and for less than 14 days ago the newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad had a larger article about his latest research showing a clear spillover of language rhythm of a composer's native language at the rhythm of his music, especially in the romantic period. Read the article here (in Danish).

    Moreover, Niels Chr. Hansen just started a new job in Ohio, USA, as a postdoctoral scholar at Ohio State University. Here he will do research in "music cognition" with a focus on music's evolution biological origin ("Why is music at all?"). He will be mentored by Professor David Huron, who is one of the leading researchers in the field with several award-winning books behind him, now considered standard works.

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