• Orchestra Norden in Aalborg

    10th of August 2016 · tags:

    Orchestra Norden is busy with rehearsals. Two weeks of intensive orchestral rehearsals, group rehearsals and lots of solo training at the highest level. As last year the Academy’s department in Aalborg houses the orchestra, associate Professor Henrik Knarborg from the Academy is participating as instructor in percussion and three Academy students are joining the orchestra.

    After the two weeks they will end up with a concert tour to Aalborg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Uppsala and Helsinki, from August 20 to 25.

    Orchestra Norden helps young musicians forward and expand their professional network by bringing like-minded, enthusiastic and skilled talents together from all over Scandinavia. The young musicians are between 15 and 25 years and are studying at af music academy. The intensive work with rehearsals and concert tour developes the young musicians' skills and provides them with valuable experience and important insights into the life as an orchestral musician.

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