• Academy lecturer develops "The key to the Danish song"

    11th of February 2016 · tags:

    Mads Bærentzen teaches rhythmic piano at the Academy and is pianist in Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and a member of the musician’s federation's executive committee. He also is the developer of a new, web-based service for public schools to help singing together in school: "The key to the Danish song".

    The school or the teacher buys a login for a low price, and once logged on, there is free access to 50 Danish songs. At the click of a title the text is projected at the class’ smart board or projector screen, and by a click on the play bottom the prelude begins - and the students can start singing, accompanied by the piano on the web page.

    A simple and practical tool to help the many situations in school where you do not have a teacher who is good in singing or an experienced accompanist at hand. Read more (in Danish).

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