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    8th of December 2015 · tags:

    In the latest issue of the leading Danish jazz magazine Jazz Special two CDs are mentioned, in which the Academy has a great share. First the CD "Awareness," which consists of two concert recordings from 2013, when nearly 100 students with Associate Professor Jens Chr. "Chappe "Jensen as conductor performed with prominent guest soloists, first of all Palle Mikkelborg; the concerts were held in connection with the appointment of Mikkelborg as honorary professor at the Academy. Second the CD "Requiem" with Jacob Buchanan's piece of the same name, with among others percussionist Marilyn Mazur and vocalist Indra. Both Buchanen and the conductor at the recording, Carsten Seyer-Hansen, are lectures at the Academy.

    Jazz Special calls "Requiem" for an intense, sensitive and dynamic meeting between Buchanan and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Aarhus cathedral Choir and soloists. "Buchanan looks at all aspects of the dynamic and expressive range in the heavy text corpus", the magazine sayes.

    On "Awareness" the magazine writes: "It is so magical - especially at the beginning and the end, where Mikkelborg's own music estimate on that awareness"; and later: "Conductor Jens Christian" Chappe" Jensen succeeds drawing together the threads with Mikkelborg's magic play."
    "Awareness" can be ordered through the Academys website.

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