• Vinyl from Aalborg student

    4th of December 2015 · tags:

    Guitarist Flavia Couri comes from Brazil, and in September she started at the master's program at the Academy in Aalborg. Along with her Danish husband, Martin Couri, she has recently released a 10 inch vinyl record, with band name Courettes. The style is garage rock, deeply inspired by the 60s.

    Yesterday, Thursday 3 December, Nordjyske Stiftstidende brought a large portrait article with the couple and also a review of the new record. The reviewer wrote: ”It's so aware of original style that it nearly hurts but also extremely enjoyable to listen to." In the portrait article the couple tells about how they met and how music binds together across continents. "The more I travel, the more I discover how similar people are," Flavia says.

    Read the article here (in Danish; requires access to nordjysk.dk).

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