• RAMA Electronic at Open Days in Aalborg

    18th of September 2015 · tags:

    This weekend there is Open Days Festival in Aalborg, with up to several electronic features from the Academy. Professor Wayne Siegel gets his work "Everybody talks about the weather ..." performed in the Concert Hall of Musikkens Hus. Via a computer a weather satellite controls the big organ in the Concert Hall. It's on Sunday 12:00 to 6 pm.

    Friday night Christian Skjødt, Academy lecturer at the brand new Academy program "Electronic sound and music" in Aalborg, performs an electronic re-composition of Carl Nielsen's String Quartet in F major. It is at 8.30 pm in Classical Hall of Musikkens Hus, under the title "Danish and International Sound Art".

    Finally, the new students on the "Electronic sound and music"-program present processes and products after their first workshop on the program - it happens Sunday at 2 pm in the foyer of Musikkens Hus, under the title "Sound Art".

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