• Realy great reviews

    26th of February 2015 · tags:

    "Occasionally debut albums comes up that deserves praises of the big kind," writes jazznyt.com in an unusually great review. of the new album "Bagland" from Academy student Jakob Sørensen, trumpet, and his teammates, who also all are current or former Academy students.

    Several other reviewers sings the same tune: "Beautiful and unadorned" (Nordjyske); "There are so many treats on this album, the melodies prompt so many images" (onlyjazzblog.com); "There is certainly nothing wrong about feeding off dreamy and melancholic Nordic sound tradition, especially not if you do it in an exciting fashion like this" (Mos Eisley Music); "A promising new band on the Danish jazz scene two look out for" (marlbank.net) - and also the Academy gets some notation: "Well worth a listen - as is just about everything out of Aarhus Academy!" (Only jazz blog. com).


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