• Release with changing art forms

    23rd of February 2015 · tags:

    The duo The Embla consists of vocal student Nana Cecilie Gaardsted Bøvling and drum student Frej Lesner. The duo celebrates their new album release at “Ambassaden” in Aarhus 28 February from pm 7:00. Admission is free for this evening of intense music, sharp lyricism, West African dance, raw film art, minimalist live visuals and more.

    To celebrate the release, the duo has collected a number of young Aarhus artists from different art forms to interpret their music. For example, Tobias Dalager delivers lyrical interpretations of the duo's titles, Eliza Boye Moritsen and Rose Risager presents choreography for The Embla's music and Ida & Ida delivers live visuals.

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