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    19th of February 2015 · tags:

    Song Student Ulla Abildgaard has published a brand new e-audiobook with music elements, based on Dvorak's opera Rusalka. The tale of Rusalka is about a mermaid, who falls in love with a prince. To get him, she must contact the forest witch Jezibaba, who does not help her unconditionally.

    The e-audiobook can be read from a tablet, preferably in iBooks. It is an animated tale consisting of the most important points from the opera, but also there is changed a little in the story to make it more child-friendly. In the e-book there are three arias from Dvorak's opera.

    The book is illustrated by Sofie Lind Mesterton, and the performers are: bass-baritone Simon Duus (newly soloist debut from the Academy), soprano Gitta Maria Sjöberg, tenor Rasmus Gravers Knives, pianist Kristoffer Hyldig and actor Ulver Skuli Abildgaard. The book can be purchased through saxo.com.

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