• Prof. Øland in “Musikeren”

    24th of January 2015 · tags:

    The latest issue of the magazine “Musikeren” (The musician), focuses on music education. In this context, the magazine asked several teachers, what good teaching is.

    The magazine has interviewed piano professor Anne Øland from the Academy, who initiated the piano educational website www.klaverkufferten.dk. Øland says a good teacher is one that both is a musician and manages to teach and who knows how to approach teaching at the pupil's age.

    Particularly on the education of children Øland says: "With children who have not been taught before, I try to make the material very knowledgeable and interesting ... I give them some small pieces so they feel that they are already a pianist the first time, the play".

    The interview is on page 35 in the magazine; a longer version of the interview is published in the latest edition of “Musikeren”’s E-news.

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