• Hansel and Gretel - "a good opera experience!"

    16th of January 2015 · tags:

    Today longtime music reviewer at Jyllands Posten John Christiansen has his own blog, where he tells about classical music at home and abroad. Thursday evening Christiansen visited the dress rehearsal of the Academy’s performance of Humperdinck's opera Hansel and Gretel - and he was apparently well entertained.

    John Christiansen prefers to call his blogpost a preview, not a review. He points out that the music itself is glorious; he notes that the story is as it should be for the younger public; he praises the professional production team, including director and conductor, but he will not highlight each of the singers, which are all students. He writes, however, that "One has it pleasant with the singers."

    About trombone professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen's rewriting of the great symphony orchestra score for the 24 acedamy musicians John Christiansen notes that Johansen has done a well job and has retained much of its original atmosphere; one hears the original tones with a new sound, and the counter-point is excellent and exciting.

    Overall, John Christiansen says that Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel also in this special edition will provide an experience and he hopes to inspire readers to get themselves an opera experience for very little money; "It would be stupid not to," he says.

    Read the blogpost (in Danish) here.

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