• Peder Karlsson teaching in Aalborg

    15th of January 2015 · tags:

    Today the first of three courses at the diploma and graduate master program in Vocal Music Conducting begins. This also is the beginning of the new collaboration with the Swedish vocal phenomenon Peder Karlsson, co-founder and former member of The Real Group (S). Karlsson is a highly respected and experienced singer, choir conductor, composer and arranger; it will be a great experience for the approximately 30 students from at home and abroad to join the semester start today, Thursday 15 January.

    Peder Karlsson is currently working on consolidating his methodology "The Organic Choir", which goes very well together with "The Intelligent Choir" - methodology developed by Academy professor Jim Daus Hjernøe. The cooperation with Peder Karlsson is also including a partnership with The Real Group Academy (S) and other major Nordic forces to create collaborative projects with partners worldwide. An example of Karlsson’s wide ranging work can be seen here.

    RAMA Vocal Center (RVC) at the Academy is an international center for the development of rhythmic vocal music under the direction of Jim Daus Hjernøe. The center mainly runs its events at the Academy’s department in Aalborg. The students are both on bachelor, master and soloist level. In addition, the center offers a quantity inspiration courses at home and abroad as well as further education programs at diploma and graduate master's level. Diploma and master's degree programs are summarized in a series of intensive training combined with distance learning via the Internet. Read more. The current session, which begins today Thursday and runs until Saturday, is open to interested who are considering further education at RVC.

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