• The Academy nominated for DMA Jazz

    23rd of October 2014 · tags:

    A slight exaggeration, but not far off: A large number of musicians with current or prior association with the Academy has been nominated for this year's Danish Music Award Jazz, which is awarded by a large DMA jazz show at Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen on 24 November. Read more (in Danish).

    A total of 25 artists are nominated in five different categories, several of them in several categories. The many nominees associated with the Academy are:

    The musicians of Trio Riot (Special Issue of the Year + This year's new jazz name) has met at the GLOMAS program; Katrine Madsen (This year's vocal release), Veronica Mortensen (This year's vocal release) and Jakob Bro (This year's jazz release) are former students; the musicians of Bangin’ Bülows (This year's new jazz name) are current students; and Peter Vuust (This year's vocal release), Jakob Buchanan (This year’s jazz composer + This year's jazz release), Torben Westergaard (Special Issue of the Year) and Christian Vuust (This year's jazz composer), are all teachers at the Academy of today.

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