Visiting singer in Innovative Choir Leading

Sit in as an extra singer on Campus Aalborg courses in Innovative Choir Leading

If you don’t want to participate as an active student for a whole semester, you can easily participate as an extra singer on a course. Here you will be able to observe the teachers and the students in action, and get a first hand experience on the innovative methods taught at RAMA Vocal Center within this field. And maybe see if the studies at RAMA would be something for you in the future. During a course there are usually approx. 10-12 hours of teaching in choir leading and 3 hours of singing in the big choir and 2 hours shared with all students and teachers from RAMA Vocal Center. As an extra singer, you will follow a team of students (and other extra singers) for the different classes of teaching, thus meeting all 4 main subject teachers in action with each specialization.

Price: 1,100 DKK (150 EURO)

Application deadline: Friday the week before
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