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In Aalborg, a wide selection of educational opportunities within Innovative Choir Leading is offered, including part-time studies and inspirational courses. 

Full-time studies tuition is fixed in weekly classes, which also can be joined as a long-distance-student by digital platforms for e-learning. In that case the student only physically attend Campus Aalborg 3 x 3 days per semester. 
Part-time studies and inspirational courses take place at RVC Campus Aalborg, 3 x 3 days per semester, plus online lessons. 
During campuses the tuition is intense from Thursday afternoon to Saturday night with participation of all vocal leadership students, regardless of which programme is studied. 
Dates for campus weekends can be found at our homepage under each programme. 


Full-time studies – Innovative Choir Leading  

  • Bachelor (180 ECTS)
  • Master (120 ECTS)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Soloist (120 ECT)

Further education/part-time studies – Innovative Choir Leading

  • Diploma (60 ECTS)
  • Master (part-time) (60 ECTS)
  • Inspirational course (weekends)   

Bachelor in Music (full-time study) 

The study is a full-time study of 180 ECTS and takes 3 years. All bachelor students have 2 main subjects and vocal leadership can be one of them. There are lessons in regular educational weeks, in campus weekends and online as well.

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Master in Innovative Choir Leading (full-time study) 

This is a highly specialised and international recognised Master’s degree in Innovative Choir Leading. The study programme is a full-time study of 120 ECTS and takes 2 years.  

In order to be considered for this programme, it is necessary to have acquired a bachelor’s degree, with emphasis on Innovative Choir Leading.  
There are lessons in campus weekends and during regular educational weeks, and online as well. 
For students in this programme it is possible to join the regular educational weeks online, and only physically attend the campus weekends in Aalborg.  
Online audition & interview only. 

Normally, tuition is planned to take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, some subjects may take place on Mondays with online participation as an option. Furthermore, you’ll have 8 campus weeks. 6 weeks from Tuesday to Saturday (dates can be found at the website under RAMA Vocal Center), 1 week for exam preparation and 1 week at summer course.

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Advanced Postgraduate Soloist in Innovative Choir Leading

The study is a full time study of 120 ECTS and takes 2 years.
The programme is for students who have either completed a Master or who have a similar qualifications within Innovative Choir Leading and who furthermore show exceptional skills as a leader of vocal music.

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Diploma and Professional Master in Innovative Choir Leading (part-time study) 

The study is a part-time study of 60 ECTS and takes 2 years. 
There are 3 campus weekends each semester with online coaching between these weekends.  
Online audition & interview only. 

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Inspirational Course in Innovative Choir Leading

The Inspirational course is designed for music teachers and others with at least 2 years of professional experience within music education and Innovative Choir Leading.   

Each semester is tiered and includes 3 campus weekends and online lessons as required/agreed. 
You can sign up for 1 semester only, and later for module 2.  

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Summercamp 2018

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RAMA Vocal Center SUMMERCAMP 2018

June 25.-29. 2018

More information about content and prices will be available at the beginning of November.

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