Peder Karlsson

In 1984, the Swedish singer, composer, vocal arranger and guitarist Peder Karlsson was one of the founders of the Swedish vocal group The Real Group. The group quickly became a huge international success with its great sounding vocal tracks. For example, they performed in 2002 at the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Seoul.

Peder Karlsson stopped in the group as a singer in 2010 and has since been the leader of The Real Group Academy, which organizes workshops, seminars and other events in vocal music. He also is artistic director / mentor for several international groups, including Perpetuum Jazzile from Slovenia. Since January 2015, Peder Karlsson also has been associated with the Royal Academy of Music as a lecturer at Rhythmic Choir Center at the Academy's department in Aalborg.

Peder Karlsson enjoys great attention and respect for his work. The assessment basis for the appointment of him as honorary professor at the Academy in January 2016 stated:

"He is dedicated in teaching and has a high academic and pedagogical empathy. His methodology and vocal arrangement style offers many new ideas in the definition and development of rhythmic vocal music at high level. Peder is persistent and boundaries’ pushing in his work and possesses a great talent as both a musician and a musical leader."

As honorary professor Peder Karlsson will help further development the Academy's education in rhythmic vocal music. At the same time he will act as an ambassador for the program.

The Academy previously has had the legendary vocal equilibrist Bobby McFerrin attached as honorary professor.


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