Classical Programmes

The Royal Academy of Music offers the following programmes in classical music:

  • Classical Orchestral Instruments
  • Classical Vocal Studies
  • Classical Piano
  • Classical Guitar
  • Church Music
  • Classical Composition

All programmes can be studied on both bachelor and master's level. Two programmes, General Music Teacher and The Individual Music Education, can contain both rhythmic and classical elements and are described in the Rhythmic section.

Classical Bachelor Programmes

The study programmes consist of the students main instrument plus a number of subsidiary subjects.

Moreover, there are 4 common courses on the programme: IT, musical culture and communication, body and music, and careers counselling. The programme ends with a Bachelor project.

Classical Master

A successful completion of the bachelor qualifies the student for admission to a Masters programme at the Academy. The Student can choose to keep his/her Principal Subject, but can also supplement the Master with management, theoretic or vocal/instrumental subjects. In the case of a new instrumental/vocal subject, the student has to take an entrance examination in order to ascertain if the student is proficient enough.

Also see the Main Subject Catalogue, from which Master students can choose elective subjects.

Advanced Soloist Programme

If a master student shows exceptional potential as a soloist, he/she can apply to the following soloist programmes:

  • Vocal/Instrumental Programme
  • Accompaniment and Chamber Music Programme
  • Composition Programme

Page last updated 10th of November 2015

What can I become?

Classically trained graduates from DJM typically work as:

  • Musicians in ensembles and symphony orchestras
  • Opera singers
  • Church singers
  • Teachers at folk high schools, music schools, public schools, institution of higher education, boarding schools, etc.
  • Organ players
  • Lecturers
  • Conductors of choirs, orchestras, ensembles, etc.
  • Heads of music schools
  • Communicators of culture, project managers, booking agents, etc.

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