Facilities in Aalborg

The department of The Royal Academy of Music is located in The House of Music (Musikkens Hus). The academy has a number of super fine class rooms, rehearsal rooms, concert halls and sound studio.

Class rooms

The class rooms are equipped with accessible instruments and other relevant gear. See examples of instruments in Aalborg.

Rehearsal rooms

Besides the class rooms, students have access to a number of rehearsal rooms. This means that students have excellent opportunities for practising 24/7.

Sound studio

The studio consists of three rooms in order to separate the instruments.

The studio has 24 channel input via RME Mistacy converters. We use Cubase and Logic on a Mac platform. There's a Madi-USB connection, which means that the students can bring their own laptop and control the studio hardware from their own computer. The studio is equipped with Alexis monitor one and Dynaudio Acoustics BM 15A monitors. A selection of Seenheiser, SKG, Shure and Neumann microphones are available.


Hall I

Hall II 

Particularly for ELM

Particular facilities for students at Electronic Sound and Music (ELM)

Lessons take place in large rooms equipped with professional studio monitors, monitor control, sound card and sound absorbing material. Furthermore, the rooms are equipped with: Drum pads, drum machines, synths, midi controllers and midi keyboard. 

One of the rooms is also equipped with 4 studio monitors, making a 4-channel set-up possible.

The students have access to two rehearsal rooms equipped with a minor monitor set-up, mixer, sound ca








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