Projects and activities

RAMA is involved in a wide range of international projects and cooperation:

Partner in Renew

RAMA is a partner in the Renew project under the Erasmus + education program. The program is working with a new platform for e learning and entrepreneurship. The ambition is to get all European art educations to integrate entrepreneurial thinking into their daily work. Students should be better able to create a way of living and with their artistic skills be relevant to the surrounding community, even though it may involve other tasks than artistic activities. The partnership includes the music conservatories in The Hague, Oslo and Helsinki, the Guildhall Conservatory in London and AEC.

Erasmus +

RAMA holds an Erasmus University Charter since 2004 and has actively been using all the different possibilities in the Erasmus program. First of all it means a constant flow of students, teachers and staff mobility to and from every corner of Europe. RAMA has also been organizing and participating in a number of European intensive courses and strategic partnerships. Furthermore RAMA is an active member of the European Association of Music, AEC, with representation in the AEC Development group and previous chairing of a sub-group in the prestigious Polifonia EU project.
Our Erasmus+ Policy Statement can be found here.

Nordic/Baltic cooperation  

RAMA takes pride in being a Nordic institution and considers it a priority to facilitate Nordic and Baltic cooperation. This materializes in the fact that RAMA has a high number of Nordic students and regular Nordic/Baltic teacher exchanges and masterclasses. Furthermore RAMA is presently chairman for the Association of Nordic Music Academies (ANMA) and coordinator for the Nordic Network for Jazz/Pop (“rhythmic”) music, the NordPULS network.

Entrepreneurial Hotspot

For years RAMA has acknowledged the need for an entrepreneurial mindset in order to make a sustainable and life-long living out of a music career. This is seen in the RAMA curriculum with a mandatory focus on entrepreneurial skills and it is shown in RAMAs commitment to creating international networks for entrepreneurial thinking in the sector.

RAMA is a founding member of Act in Art - a Nordic/Baltic network for entrepreneurial thinking in the arts. See


“SIBRA” is a close strategic alliance with the Sibelius academy (Helsinki, Finland) on globalization and entrepreneurial thinking in music education. This alliance has facilitated Nordic study programs like NOMAZZ and GLOMAS and it has laid the foundation for Act in Art and the GLOMUS network

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Erasmus University Charter