International students

The academy has for the time being about 50 international students, and many of our own students are studying abroad. We are taking active part in the Erasmus+ and Nordplus exchange programmes with many in- and outgoing students and staff every year.

Exchange students

RAMA has a vivid international milieu and accepts approximately 25 exchange students every year. Most of them apply through the Nordplus or Erasmus+ programmes. 

Applying for exchange


The deadline for all exchange applications for the study year 2018-19 will be in 1 March 2018. Only digital applications will be considered.

Read all about the application procedure in this document.

EU-students (Erasmus+ and Nordplus) must apply through the EASY application system (will open for application on 15 January 2018)

Non-EU-students must submit this application form which must be e-mailed to stve(a) no later than 1 March 2018.

Exchange students applying for RAMA will normally know by May whether they have been accepted. 

Full degree applicants

There are many different educational programmes at the Academy within the three main lines of study: classical music, jazz/pop music, and electronic music.  Read more about the programmes here.

Foreign students apply under the same conditions as Danish students. The application deadline is 1 December every year. However, the application deadline for non-EU citizens is 1 April.

Auditions take place in January/February (EU citizens) or May (non-EU citizens).

For more information on the admission process, please visit the admission menu here.

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