Dansk musik for trompet og klaver/Danish Music for Trumpet and Piano

The pieces are all originally written for trumpet or cornet and piano and exclusively by Danish composers. They have been composed in the first half of the 20th century except ”Bagatelle” from 1969. Stylistically they begin in 19th century with the Hansen pieces, then move into late romantic period with Sehestad’s suite and via Jørgensen there is a transition to the modernistic tonal language of Bentzon. ”Bagatelle” by Wilkenschildt is filled with jazz harmonies and has ideas from popular music.


  • Thorvald Hansen: Konzert-Waltzer
  • Thorvald Hansen: Sonate
  • Thorvald Hansen: Romance
  • Thorvald Hansen: Scherzo
  • Hilda Sehestad: Suite
  • Axel Jørgensen: Caprice Orientale
  • Niels-Viggo Bentzon: Sonate
  • Georg Wilkenschildt: Bagatelle


Kristian Steenstrup, trumpet
Eriko Takezawa, piano
Henrik Winther Hansen, producer/engineer

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