Rythmic Music Teacher, IM (Aalborg)


Practising music with pedagogy

Work is practically oriented towards the performative music. The core will be development of the student's artistic skills on his/her instrument, singing, laptop/live electronics and e.g. music conducting (Vocal Leadership, Ensemble Conducting, Music for Children, Singing, Playing and Movement).
The subject is concluded with an examination in teaching skills after the 2nd semester and a concert after the 4th semester.

Immersion subject

Work is project oriented and reflectory towards a musical topic. The topic may have a theoretical, practical or pedagogical angle, as e.g. music conducting. The subject is concluded with a Master's project that has an artistic/a performative dimension, a communicative and/or pedagogical dimension as well as a written reflection (report).

Entrepreneurial Studies

Work is done on e.g. project management, communication of the student's own artistic profile, relations between the members of the music business, etc.


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