Bachelor in songwriting

Content and possibilities

The bachelor programme in songwriting is a 3-year programme which gives the student knowledge, skills, and competences as a songwriter. The graduates will typically move on to a related Master's programme and/or write for own bands/projects or other artists, publishers, movies, stage art, performance, etc. Furthermore, the graduates will be able to conduct creative processes in connection with the songwriting.

The programme is located in Aarhus and offers a wide range of tuition and inspiration in the form of subjects, projects, concerts, courses, and much more. This will help the student develop his/her musical and artistic personality in a creative and dynamic collaboration with others.

 We offer a diversity of possibilities for the student – through collaborations across programmes and genres as DJM houses a number of different programmes within classical, electronic, rhythmic, and global music.

Furthermore, we have raft of collaboration which gives the student opportunity for study travels and studies abroad.

Programme structure

The programme focuses on the development of the student's skills within lyrics, composition, and arrangement. You will also engage in presentation of songwriting and in building entrepreneurial skills.

A bachelor project that works as the students specialisation ends the bachelor programme in songwriting

The programme is divided into:

  • Main area: songwriting and affiliated subject supporting this.

  • Pedagogy: subject in which the student presents and conducts creative processes and affiliated subject supporting this.

  • General subjects: basic support subject with a theoretical angle.

  • Entrepreneurship: subject and projects where the student gains experience as an entrepreneur, manager of dynamic processes and tool for career management.

  • Bachelor project: besides the actual project: guidance and subjects preparing the student for the project work.

Page last updated 1st of October 2014

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