Instrument Collection - Aalborg

4-stringed double bass Pölmann
Double bass Reglin Romania
S.C. Hora, cello
Carl Andersen lute.

Brass instruments/woodwinds:
Tuba Miraphone
Alto saxophone Yamaha
Tenor saxophone Yamaha
Trumpet Jupiter
Transverse flute Jupiter
Clarinet Yamaha
Clarinet Luksus
4 trumpets Jazz

1 marimba 4 1/3 octave a-c (Muss)
1 marimba 4 1/3 octave (Concorde)
1 marimba 5 octave (Concorde)
Yamaha vibraphone
1 Bergerault.
4 kettledrums Premiere
4 kettledrums Dresner
Small kettledrum (Ludvig)
Xylophones etc.

Frank Hubbert cembalo
Rasmus Manley cembalo
Pedal clavichord

Guitars etc.:
2 Spanish guitars Muro del Alcony – for children
Classical guitar Granlock
3 Spanish guitars Yamaha – for children
Elbas Ibanez.

Grand pianos:
2 grand pianos, both Steinway D-274 in Hall I
Grand piano Yamaha C5 in Hall II.
In all 10 Steinway grand pianos, 8 Yamaha grand pianos, and 5 other grand pianos
In all 7 Yamaha pianos, 1 Sauter, 1 mini piano, and 5 other pianos.

Bugari Armando

Grand pianos/pianos available in class rooms            

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