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Accepting the study offer

Ordinary students will receive information about admission in March 2017 (more to come).

As a new student you are to accept your studentship by way of the link given in your letter of admittance.

Once your studentship is accepted, you will receive a password and afterwards you have access to the Academy’s intranet.

Exchange students must accept our study offer by the beginning of April 2017 (more to come).

At the intranet you find practical information as intro trip, student ID card, schedule, keys, e-mail, calendar.

SU - The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme

As a full-time student, you are able to apply for SU. Please read important information on applying as a foreign student at http://www.su.dk/English/Sider/default.aspx and at the Intranet before applying.

Study year schedule

Your schedule will be ready starting with week 29. You must print out the form for the upcoming study year via your Intranet access. For exchange students the schedule will be made in cooperation with the head of department upon arrival.
We dont sendt any information by post, so it is important to keep informed on the intranet.

Study plan

You will find your study plan (from 2011) under the menu PROGRAMMES, then choose either a rhythmic, classical or electronic study programme.


It can be quite difficult to find a place to live in Aarhus. It's a young city with many students looking for a cheap place to live. We recommend that you sign up at www.kollegiekontoret.dk. The sooner the better! You can also make an add at www.boligportalen.dk, www.lejebolig.dk, www.akutbolig.dk or contact people who have a flat or room for rent. Important! In Denmark you should expect to pay a deposit (app. 3 months rent). You will get your deposit back when you leave if you haven't damaged anything.

If you are an exchange student, please contact Dorthe Friis at dof@musikkons.dk, who is in charge of housing. She can guarantee you a place to live. Most likely at www.skjoldhoej.dk, www.kirsebaerhavenkollegiet.dk, Paludan Müllersvej 44 or in private rentals (flats or furnished rooms). The rent is app. 2.000-3.500 DKK per month. Electricity is extra.

Access to Intranet

You will find more information on your study start via your Intranet access at the site StudyINFO (top menu).
To see the english intranet, change to english under your profile.

Page last updated 17th of November 2016