Church Music and Harpsichord

The MMus (Church Music and Harpsichord) degree at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, is a 2-year study programme (120 ECTS credits) in which students acquire specialized knowledge, skills, and qualifications to become musicians and music teachers at the highest level. The degree course also focuses on enabling students to become entrepreneurial driving forces in music life.

The Course Structure

The course structure has a constant focus on the twin subjects of artistic playing and harpsichord with basso continuo. The main area of study also includes accompaniment and church playing, concluded after the second semester. The courses in theoretical and practical teaching skills teach students how to impart their technical and musical knowledge and accomplishments.

The entrepreneurial skills course, concluded after the third semester, provides students with the relevant tools to show their artistic qualities through self-management and entrepreneurial skills.

The MMus (Church Music and Harpsichord) degree programme concludes with a student-defined project, based on their interests and needs, which also serves as part of their specialization.

The Course Subjects

The course subjects are divided into the following fields:

  • Main study area: Subjects where students are practising musicians plus subjects that support this aspect
  • Entrepreneurial studies: Subjects and projects where students acquire skills and qualifications as entrepreneurs and leaders of dynamic processes, and acquire tools to further their careers
  • Masters project: In addition to guidance on their project, students are prepared through project-related studies

The elements in the course are credited with ECTS points based on an assessment of the workload in the subjects.

In addition to the scheduled teaching students can experience:

  • Study trips
  • Master classes with internationally acclaimed musicians
  • hamber music in a rich and challenging study environment
  • Good opportunities for working with the harpsichord in various contexts
  • - and much more

Page last updated 20th of June 2013