Classical Bachelor Programmes

Bachelor’s degree programmes consist of soloist training in an individually chosen Principle Subject, i.e. singing/instrument, management subject or theoretical subject. Group classes are offered for a range of elective courses and common core subjects such as history of music, basic piano playing, ear training, musical appreciation, communication and IT, etc. depending on the study programme.

Admission rules for bachelor’s degree programs and information regarding entry exams may be found under Admission.

Study Programmes

The Academy offers the following classical bachelor’s degree programmes:

  • Church Music
  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Orchestra Instrument
  • Composition
  • Theory
  • General Music Education (also called AM)

The latter study programme involves both rhythmic and classical elements. Read more about this study program, under Rhythmic Study Programmes.

The aim of these study programs offered at the Academy is to qualify students within artistic and scientific framework for careers involving the creation or practicing of music, e.g. a music teacher and other professions within music.

Bachelor’s degree programmes offer the title BA in Music







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