Kristian Steenstrup - Blow Your Mind - 2017

Niels Chr. Hansen - Predictive coding of musical expertise (PhD dissertation) - 2016 - PDF

Bodil Krogh - Prima Vista sight-reading and singing - 2013 - only available in English

"Teaching Brass" - Kristian Steenstrup

"Musik til tiden - 75 år" - an anthology published in connection with The Royal Academy of Music's 75th anniversary in 2002: 200 DKK

"Polyrytmik og -metrik i moderne jazz" - a study of Miles Davis' quintet from the sixties by ass. professor Peter Vuust: 145 DKK (see English summary)

"Indianerdansen" - a book on the musician and teacher Leif Falk. By Leif Falk and Ulla Viskum: 80 DKK

"Temaer i Musikpædagogikken" - edited by ass. professor Karen-Lis Kristensen: 110 DKK


For more titles see the Danish page or contact the Academy.

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